For those thinking of getting a piercing, going to Iris Bravek is simply a smart choice. Iris originally from Germany, professionally piercing and Florida Dept. of Health approved since 2003, she remembers well her first piercing and admits she was a bit nervous herself.

It’s a feeling she doesn’t want his clients to endure. “When I do a piercing to someone that has never had one before and they are so scared and nervous and shaking and I finish it without them even knowing and they get up and hug me and thank me – it’s a great feeling. And that’s what I try to accomplish with every one of my clients.”

Her aim is to provide the best service that you will not find anywhere else. She is committed to maintaining the highest standards of clinical hygiene and piercing care. Our sterile techniques and hygiene are paramount. All our needles are single use, and all other equipment is autoclaved. We spore test on a regular basis and assess autoclave functions on a daily basis and have a private piercing room.  Custom orders for body jewelry may be made at the studio and Iris is happy to answer your questions about body piercing & or jewelry needs and desires. 

Piercings by Iris

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