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I would like you to think about something. $20 cut in half (because the piercer makes normally 50%) leaves $10.00 for the business owner, the person who has to pay for the needle, alc, paper towels, gauze, qtips, chemicals being used for your piercing


(Now me, I use "Pre Packaged" single use, 100% sterile gauze, qtips, mats, iodine, alc, and gloves)....as well as a little bit of power bill to run the sterilizer, then they need to make some profit right? Or why be in business...oh wait, I forgot about one of the most important parts. He also has to buy JEWELRY, so I ask you this smart shopper.


HOW CAN $10.00 buy all of that????


Here's how, by putting garbage jewelry inside of your body, by introducing a horrible metal to live in your tissue directly in contact with your cells. If a business is willing to cut corners on jewelry, and truly sterile setups, what makes you think they care about you? So tell me again why on this wonderful earth would you trust 20, 30 or even 40 dollar piercings that include everything?



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